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Simpliforge Creations provides end to end services in customized manufacturing and prototyping for businesses as well as individual customers
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Product Design

Concept Generation, Product Design, Package Design.

Experimental Projects (Kalamsat)

Design Analysis

CAD design verification, DFM analysis, Die Design.

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CAD modeling, 3D printing, Low Fidelity Prototyping.

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Plastics (PLA, ABS, PETG Nylon) Resins and Metal, Biocompatible materials (PEEK)

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Design Analysis

CAD design verification, DFM analysis, Die Design.

Our Verticals

Product Prototyping

Empowered by our professional design team and extensive resources in Boston and Mumbai, Simpliforge provides prompt low-fidelity as well as high-fidelity prototyping services to our clients with the minimum turnaround time. We have successfully served major sectors such as the entertainment, transportation, FMCG and Food & Beverages with our prototyping services and aim to be the end-to-end product development solution providers for our client.

Architectural Modeling

From a waterpark to a residential complex, Simpliforge has expertise in the architectural modeling, interior design and construction industry as well. We provide crisp quality models with our customized postprocessing solutions that add the perfect texture and finish, just the way the client envisions it.

Architectural Models 3

Medical and Dental

Whether you have a critical Orthopedic surgery to plan or need a reduction guide for, say, Osteotomy or need to quickly make a safe and effective surgical guide, or simply want to make the perfect clear aligner, we have special equipment assembly and materials to make it happen. With safety and hygiene paramount priority, we work with you to devise the perfect customized solutions for your medical or dental works.

Medical II

Jewelry Design

With capabilities to make models for investment casting while capturing intricacies and details as small as 20 microns, Jewelry design is another domain Simpliforge claims expertise in. From Design to Jewelry prototyping to Investment casting models, Simpliforge can help you reduce your design turnaround time by almost half with the no loss of features in the printed models.

Jewelry Design II

Make-to-order Industry services

We work with our Industrial clients to provide on-demand, make-to-order spare parts and components services, wherein the client does not have to wait for simple yet critical spare parts or components to be procured. As soon as we are notified, Simpliforge initiates manufacturing of the required component in suitable material and provides it to the client in much lesser time it would take to procure the item conventionally. In fewer words, we make the breakdown time for you as short as possible.


Experimental Project Services

Be it projects such as student-made vehicles and engines for SAE, FSAE, BAJA, or research scientists requiring lightweight Sub orbital satellite components, Simpliforge has rendered services to everyone alike. 3D printing or additive manufacturing is a disruptive technology that continues to find new applications in a multitude of industries. Being evangelists of the technology, we are always eager to support experimental studies and projects that require 3D printing with not just our services but also resources from the industry and our partners.


Employable Skill Development:

With 3D printing being one of the leading technologies for the Industry 4.0 transformation, the manufacturing industry will require a number of skilled professionals to work with the technology. We pride in providing skill development services in the form of workshops, training and certification, educational drives and adult education to empower the individuals to gain qualifications and skills necessary to ensure employment or to help start their own ventures.

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